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‘’The city with the most beautiful sky and climate known on earth.’’ Herodot
Turkey’s third largest city, Izmir is sophisticated, at the same time is a busy commercial center. In the west of İzmir, Çeşme was one of the biggest towns in the world with its marvelous colorful sea, beaches and thermal centers. Ephesus, which contains all the richness of all Ionian cultures, was also known for its intensive artistic activities. The fact that the mountains extend up to the sea and that the plains are pushed to the threshold of the Inner West Anatolia allows the marine influences to spread to the inner parts.

The average annual temperature of the province varies between 14-18 ° C in coastal areas. The hottest months are July (27.3 ºC) and August (27.6 ºC), while the coldest months are January (8.6 ºC) and February (9.6 ºC). In the summer, the temperature is 1-2 º C lower than that of the inner part due to the influence of sea melt (Imbat). The average temperature of 7 º C in winter is occasionally decreased due to the marine air mass that is inserted from north and northwest.
In the city, the agriculture-based industries are highly developed. Textiles, apparel, food, liquor, beer, tobacco are among the most important industries in the feed industry. Apart from these, we are manufacturing for iron and steel, petrochemical, automotive, cement, footwear, fertilizer, agricultural machinery and ceramic industry for domestic and external sector. The goods produced in the industrial sector have the quality of world standards. In the region, coal, gold, copper, lead, zinc, iron, antimony, perlite, graphite, asbestos, titanium, dolomite and marble mines are extracted and processed.

A History Of 8500 Years

The history of the city began around the Yeşilova Höyük in Bornova, then at Symrna-Tepekule Ruins and then at Kadifekale. The monuments, temples, mounds, theaters, agoras, inns, tombs, aqueducts, bridges and fountains that host thousands of people who have been hosted since the day of its foundation are the most important values that make İzmir what it is today.

When you go to the Acropolis in Bergama, Izmir, you will hear the columns that you touch when you are walking in the breeze accompanied by the serene breeze, saying “hello” from thousands of years behind. Similarly, when you sit at the steepest theater in the world, you can see the lines of the players hanging in the stone lockers …
Victor Hugo writes poems on behalf of İzmir and defines it as “princess” , whether you’ve come to a week or a day, you’ll be glad to have touched the traces of history from here.

Discover the museums, ruins, archaeological sites and cultural assets in the center and vicinity of İzmir where you will be glad to visit, enrich with the information you receive and come back again!

If you came to Izmir in summer; you made a great choice. Izmir is one of the most beautiful cities preferred by almost everyone to spend the summer holidays in Turkey. The sun shows the hot face of almost 300 days of the year in Izmir. İzmir is a cheerful, fun, pleasant and happy holiday destination with its beaches, known with cleanliness with its “Blue Flag”, all kinds of sea and water sports facilities.


The Pearl of the Aegean It is possible to shop in every district you visit in Izmir. İzmir, which has many shopping centers as well as historical bazaars, is also famous with the district markets.



You can also have fun with adrenaline-laden activities in Izmir.
You can swim like a bird in the sky with paragliding, speed on racetracks, surf or dive in turquoise colors, explore caves, cross over tough roads with 4×4 vehicles, make joyful jumps, enjoy adventure.


Health Tourism

İzmir is located approximately two hours flight distance to many European countries, 124 ambulances serving in widespread land, air, sea and rail transportation in the city and 90 emergency aid stations, air ambulance services, foreign language doctor and health personnel, medical the field continues to be the rising star of our country in health tourism with its accredited institutions operating according to international standards.
You can find a very different kind of tourism from culture tourism to agro tourism, İzmir attracts attention with its thermal facilities especially in terms of health tourism.
This unique value historic site, one of the world’s first healthcare facilities dedicated to Asklepios, the God of Health, exemplifies today’s modern capes.


İzmir is in a very good condition in terms of locomotives of health tourism and medical centers. There are many choices in İzmir in terms of hotels, travel agencies, intermediary and consultancy firms, transportation sector, insurance and finance sector, which are the stakeholders of this sector.
There are 268 hospitals serving in İzmir for diagnosis and treatment, where there are very serious investments in the field of health.

● 28 Public hospitals,
● 23 private hospitals,
● 4 University Hospital
● 1 municipal hospital
● 41 Special medical center
● 35 private branch offices
● 107 Mouth and dental health center
● 32 special outpatient services are provided.

Most hospitals and centers that provide diagnosis and treatment have agreements with health service providers. In this scope, agents can organize city tour and touristic activities in the presence of special guide, accommodation, examination, preliminary examinations, surgery and post – operative checks.
Hospitals in the city mainly serve patients from Germany, Libya, France, Iraq, Russia, Cyprus, Austria and the Netherlands.

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